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Online awareness courses


Online awareness courses

Self paced online learning

Our range of Self paced eLearning courses can be completed 100% online and allow you to save your progress as you go.

Using interactive and engaging puzzles, videos and multiple choice questions, these courses are designed with convenience in mind.

Choose from short sharp bite size courses for learning or refreshing specific first aid training modules such as burns or bites and strings to more in-depth awareness courses on First aid and Mental health.

These courses are ideal for anyone looking to learn or brush up on their first aid skills or workplaces wanting to provide can be easily integrated into workplace LMS systems

Awareness Courses -  Starting from $49

Courses designed to provide general knowledge across a range of topics.

Excellent course, really makes you think of the extent of mental illness in our community and how little we really know about it.
First Aid for the Mind

Bite size Courses - Starting from $14.95

Short and sharp modules, covering a range of first aid topics.

First Aid Fundamentals

Modules designed to teach you basic first aid principles.

This is a necessary component to First Aid. it was well paced and covered the legal issues well.
Bitesize Provide First Aid Legally and Safely

First Aid for Asthma, Allergies and Poisoning

Great quick course to give you knowledge and skills to help, if ever needed
Bitesize Asthma

First Aid For Illness

Easy to understand and very informative
Bitesize Heat and Cold Induced Illnesses

First Aid For Injuries And Accidents

Great, easy to follow course with valuable information
Bitesize Wounds and Bleeding

Benefits of eLearning Courses

These courses are designed to allow you to focus on a specific course topic or area and can be completed fully online. All courses consist of a range of modules that you can work through at your own pace.

  • Great for specific non accredited learning
  • Can be implemented to many employees or workplace locations easily
  • Can be completed at your own pace
  • Perfect for refreshing existing learning, or introductory learning
St John first aid training - trainer CPR

Onsite Group Delivery

All our courses are available for group delivery, which is perfect for training a workplace or community group.

This solution is available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Ask us for more information.