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First Aid Essentials: A complete guide

This eLearning course covers all the essential topics we teach in first aid. Designed by professional First Aid Trainers, this course takes you through the A-Z of the fundamentals of first aid, from CPR through to nosebleeds and even snake bites.


First Aid Essentials: A complete guide

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If you’re looking for a complete overview of all the most essential topics we teach in first aid, this is the course for you.

It contains the content from all 17 of our Bite Sized eLearning courses packaged into 1 handy and incredibly useful course, so it’s a one-stop-shop to be prepared for any scenario!

From CPR to poisoning, bleeding to snake bites or even stroke and choking, this eLearning course will have you feeling more confident in just 3 hours.

This non-accredited course is suitable for parents of children aged over 7, colleagues wanting to help their co-workers, or just anyone who is not ready or able to complete a full first aid course but wants to be able to help in an emergency.

With videos, quizzes and interactive learning scattered throughout the course, you can take it at your own pace one topic at a time or complete the entire course in one session. Either way, your eLearning progress will be saved as you go and you can return to the topics as many times as you need to prior to getting your final certification.

159 great reasons to take this course:

  • 41 first aid topics covered
  • 47 scenario, demonstration and explanation videos
  • 35 free downloads to print and keep handy for later reference
  • 26 interactive learning activities
  • 10 quiz questions

A few other important things to know:

  • Fully online, available on-demand any time of day or night
  • Takes just 4 hours, or take it in smaller chunks one topic at a time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Certificate of completion awarded (non-accredited)