First Aid Kit Servicing

Are you 100% sure your First Aid kits are ready for any emergency?

Do your First Aid kits have items missing?

Do your First Aid kits have items past their expiry date?​

OH&S legislation requires workplaces ensure an appropriate number of kits are provided and remain adequately stocked. St John makes it easy for you to keep your First Aid kits stocked and compliant with current workplace guidelines.

As the leader in First Aid, St John offers flexible Kit Servicing options:

1. On-Site Service

We will:

  • Check and replenish First Aid kit/s
  • Sign the affixed compliance sticker on your First Aid kit/s at each visit
  • Check defibrillators are in working order and arrange replacement pads/batteries as needed
  • Provide ongoing support and a reminder service
  • Assess additional First Aid requirements as necessary

Onsite Servicing costs $62.50 (+GST) per hour in addition to any components that are replaced.

2. Self Service/ Direct order

Fill out the order form and return to us to make your purchases.

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Self Service/ Direct Order

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Got questions about Kit Servicing?

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