St John Ambulance

First Aid Services Licensing – New 2021 Requirements

St John is a Licensed Provider of First Aid Services

As a leader in the event health services industry, St John has become a licensed first aid provider by the Department of Health to up to an Advanced First Aid Service Level. This means that whatever the risk profile of the event, St John can tailor the medical service level provided and we are equipped to treat injuries and illnesses from those classified as minor through to significant and even serious.

What Has Changed in the Industry to Require Licensing?
The Non-Emergency Patient Transport and First Aid Services Act 2003 has been recently reviewed, and an amendment requiring licensing for all first aid providers in the industry was implemented as of 1 October 2021. This provides minimum standards in the provision of first aid at events, and providers can only operate to the level they are licensed to (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced).

What Are Licensed First Aid Service Providers Required to Do?
As the regulations are pending, final details are not currently available. Please refer to the Department of Health for further information on licensing: .

What Does this Mean for St John Customers?
Importantly, nothing will change for customers of St John Ambulance Victoria. Our event first aid standards are already the pinnacle in the industry, setting the benchmark for service, staffing and equipment throughout Victoria. As further information is released by government, we will provide more information to our customers.