First Aid in Schools Program

This free Program teaches primary school students on the importance of First Aid and what to do in an event of an emergency.


UPDATE May 2022: Term 3 dates for 2022 are now open for booking.

Training in 2022 will be face to face at your school. Should restrictions change all training can be conducted virtually either to your classroom or to students at home. All bookings are subject to staffing availability.

The Kindergarten program is closed until further notice. If you are a Kindergarten or Early Learning Centre interested in the program, complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) here to go on the waitlist.


About the Schools Program

In 2019, The St John Ambulance First Aid in Schools Program delivered free First Aid training to more than 174,000 Victorian Primary School Students at no cost to schools or parents and so far, we have taught more than 1 million children since the program started in 2013.

The knowledge and skills gained in our First Aid in Schools Program will develop First Aid awareness in school children and contribute to building a more resilient community. This learning is age-appropriate and integrates with the Victoria Curriculum F-10. The program has been adapted to suit a Virtual delivery using video conferencing platforms (Webex or Zoom) during the current pandemic.

As restrictions lift the program may continue to be delivered via video conferencing to rural schools. For much of the state, we can resume face to face training. Your St John community coordinator will let you know which delivery is best for your school.

Focusing on our mission of Service to Humanity we will support and comply with health and safety measures when on school grounds. We encourage single class sessions and support good hand hygiene before and during every session.

We are very excited to be able to visit you once again but remember you must book in a minimum of 90 students on any given day. (Rural schools please contact the Community Co-ordinator)

Looking forward to seeing you in 2022.


The St John Ambulance First Aid in Schools Program consists of the following groups:



Through a storybook, the children will see how Johnny Bear identifies an emergency, puts the Danger, Response and Send for help strategy into action and helps call 000 in an informative session. Students will learn the first aid chant that will help them remember what to do in an emergency. Includes a fun quiz on first aid to get students up and involved.


Students learn how to spot DANGER in an emergency, RESPOND accordingly and SEND for help. They will be guided on what number to call and act out a scenario to get them comfortable calling 000 in real life. Students will play a fun and interactive game as teams compete in the first aid quiz. By the end of the program, students will leave with essential skills and knowledge which they can call upon in an emergency situation.


Following on from the Prep – Grade 2 modules, students will revise ‘DRS’ which involves assessing for dangers, obtaining a response and calling Triple Zero. The main focus of this module will be demonstrating how to check airway and breathing and how to place a patient into the recovery position. Students will then apply the knowledge they have learnt through an interactive game based on the DRSAB action plan.


Reiterates the learning of standard modules 1 & 2, however incorporates a practical CPR component, guiding students through how to perform CPR and when it is required in a Frist Aid situation. Students will also participate in group problem-solving scenarios based on a variety of first aid situations allowing them to apply their knowledge.


What Schools Are Saying About the Program

The presenter Matt was very engaging with the students. He related to them quickly and spoke with them at their age level, making sure he changed how he presented for the different age groups. He was extremely knowledgeable and was sure to pass this on to the students. The use of an iPad to support what was discussed was a great way to break up the session. All teachers at our school were very impressed with the sessions presented.
Erin Lewis
Dimboola Primary School
Our presenter, Sarah was very professional and enthusiastic. The children gained so much from this experience which could potentially save lives. The curriculum was age-appropriate and very engaging.
Louis Lero
Kingsville Primary School
The students were engaged and loved the presentation. They looked forward to participating and learning about First Aid. Thank you so much Kerry. We will definitely book again for 2019.
Sonia Dunne
The Currajong School

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