Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to some of the common questions we receive here. If there’s something else you’d like to enquire about, please feel free to contact the St John Events Team and we’ll be pleased to assist.

Having inadequate First Aid coverage can expose you to risk of financial liability and reputation damage. In your best interests, most local councils will require proof that an appropriate level of First Aid is provided at an event. Event Organisers have a duty of care to patrons and staff to ensure that risks are appropriately managed and that professional First Aid is available onsite to cover the unexpected. Accidents can happen irrespective of the size of the event, and having St John Ambulance ready to respond will ensure peace of mind.

The First Aid industry is currently unregulated which exposes Event Organisers to risks, particularly when engaging a provider that utilises personnel with limited training and experience. Event Organisers must enquire about and be satisfied with the level of training and experience of personnel that a First Aid services provider engages at their event. Unfortunately, basic level service providers are increasingly common and often charge a premium price that may give an illusion of quality.

Anyone can apply basic First Aid, but when the life of an individual can be at stake, appropriately trained Medics can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. St John Ambulance follows best practice First Aid, each of our members works within a clearly defined scope of practice based on their qualifications and training.

At a minimum, St John always deploy a medic that has:

  • Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID006) – previously known as Level III
  • Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) – previously known as Level II
  • Provide Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID007)
  • Management of Asthma (22282VIC)
  • Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC)
  • Medications & Provide Pain Management (PUAEME005A)

Importantly, all St John personnel operate under St John’s National Clinical Practice Guidelines which ensures that each patient receives the highest level of care to achieve the best possible medical outcome. All St John personnel have also direct access to clinical governance support services within St John Ambulance, 24 hours a day.

St John’s National Clinical Practice Guidelines are constantly being audited and updated to ensure best practice and that St John remains Australia’s leader in the field of pre-hospital care.

St John Ambulance uses a blend of professional volunteer and salaried staff. St John volunteers and salaried medics are trained to the exact same industry leading standard, higher than you would ordinarily see from a commercial provider. We invest a great deal in our people to provide you with the absolute premium service you expect.

Many St John volunteers are Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics in their regular line of work, or currently studying toward a Health Professional qualification.

Having passionate St John volunteers adds a unique layer to your event, their genuine desire to help people is reflected in their positive, friendly attitude on the job and they often accumulate more hours on the job experience than many paid staff of other event medical providers.

St John Ambulance recommends booking with as much notice as practically possible (we sometimes have bookings more than 1 year in advance). While we often can cover last minute events, at least 4 weeks’ notice is recommended.

You can access our electronic event notification form here. Please provide as much detail about your event as possible, this assists us with assessing the risk and providing appropriate level of coverage. If you have any questions when completing this, you’re welcome to call us on 03 8588 8360

We’ll bring all necessary equipment and medical supplies to provide First Aid at your event. Patient privacy is important to us, so we appreciate if a suitable room (or tent with walls) is available onsite for us to utilise as a First Aid post. Where this isn’t available, we bring along a treatment vehicle.

Our rates are all inclusive, so there won’t be an additional charge for consumables used, equipment or vehicles utilised at events.

For events that will utilise a St John Medical Assistance Team (MAT), we liaise with you about your individual event to discuss the onsite requirements we need you to provide.

Safety is our highest concern, both for patrons and also our members. Due to the high risk and number of deaths attributed to these vehicles, St John Ambulance does not use Motorbikes or ATVs at events. We have Victoria’s largest response crew division consisting of stretcher vehicles, 4WD vehicles, bicycles and buggies that provide coverage to all event types.

All St John personnel have obtained a current National Criminal History Check (NCHC) and Working with Children Check (WWCC).

If you have any further questions, please contact us:
Phone: 03 8588 8360