St John Ambulance

Patient Transport

St John provides non-emergency patient transport throughout Victoria. 

We partner with major hospitals and Ambulance Victoria to ensure safe and professional transport and care for patients who have a non-acute or chronic illness or disability. This includes transporting patients from home to hospital or between health care providers. Our vehicles are specially designed and equipped to provide transportation for low risk patients and patients with complex transport requirements.

Our Team

St John provides a reliable, professional service to all patients and customers.

Our fleet is staffed by a Medium or High Acuity crew depending on patient needs and acuity level.

St John staff are well-trained experienced Patient Transport professionals.

  • High Acuity vehicles are staffed by a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) with extensive experience in caring for critically ill patients.
  • All crews remain in contact with the St John Operations & Control Centre.
  • All crew members are experienced in the use of all specialist equipment.

Track and Trace function

To deliver best practice Patient Transport, St John has a unique 'Track and Trace' function that allows hospital administrative and operational personnel to monitor the location of St John vehicles in real time through a secure login. The St John Fleet management system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) location tracking to monitor the arrival of the vehicle and the progress of the patient at all times during the transport.

By knowing exactly where their St John vehicle is in real time, St John clients can:

  • Coordinate pre-transport patient care 'to the minute' to maximise their preparedness for the journey
  • Make the best use of staff time in both preparing and receiving patients
  • Ensure that the time of all accompanying personnel is effectively utilised

Total Solution - Technology Enabled

The St John High Acuity Complex Transport Fleet features:

  • Syringe drivers for controlled medication
  • SPO2 monitoring
  • Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • As well as standard St John equipment including comprehensive cardiac monitoring and oxygen supplies

Integral to the St John commitment to provide best practice Patient Transport solutions, the St John fleet also utilises state of the art Ambulance stretcher technology.

This includes:

  • A specialist bariatric powerlift stretcher with a lifting capacity of 500kg
  • An automated Stryker Power-PRO™ stretcher, with a lifting capacity of 320kg
  • Pneumatic hover mats and air jacks for safer and comfortable patient extractions and transfers
  • Each St John vehicle also carries a heavy duty Stair Chair with a lifting capacity of 220kg.

Community Transport Enquiries

The St John Community Transport Service assists meeting everyday needs of people in our local community by being more mobile and having safe and reliable transport.

Patient Transport Service Enquiries

For patient transport service enquiries.

NEPT Course Enquiries

For more information on the Certificate III in Non emergency patient transport course .