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Give the gift of knowledge with a First Aid Training E-Voucher.

A St John E-Voucher is the perfect gift for all occasions and an ideal present for friends, family and colleagues.

The Voucher can be used to book any of our Face-to-face or Virtual First Aid Training courses available to be booked on our website.

Buy an E-Voucher

Choose your gift amount.

5 Reasons why a St John E-Voucher makes a great gift

  • The E-Voucher can be used on any of our Face-to-face or Virtual First Aid Training courses available to book online, with courses ranging from CPR, to general First Aid and even mental health.
  • First Aid is a valuable and practical skill to have and can save lives - Everybody can use this gift.
  • When you purchase a St John E-Voucher, you're helping us give back to our community.
  • You can choose the amount - You're in control of how much you spend.
  • E-Vouchers are available to purchase at any time online whenever you're ready  - no need to head to the shops.

Examples of courses an E-Voucher can purchase

  • $85 - Face-to-Face CPR course
  • $195 - Face-to-face 4 hour Provide First Aid course (General First Aid)
  • $220 - Face-to-face 1 day Provide First Aid course (General First Aid) - Ideal for beginners
  • $425 - 2 Day Mental Health First Aid course

E-Voucher amounts can also be used to help make payments towards a first aid course. EG. a $20 E-Voucher could go towards the cost of a CPR course, or a general First Aid course.

How does the E-Voucher work?

Purchasing an E-Voucher is very simple to do.

  1. Select the number of vouchers you would like and what amount
  2. Follow the purchase prompts, entering in your details
  3. Once you have purchased your E-Voucher, you will receive an email with your invoice attached and the E-Voucher attached.
  4. You can now email or print off the E-Voucher for the recipient