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Party Ready

Party Ready

A First Aid Program for Secondary Schools

What Is Party Ready?

Do the students at your school know how to keep each other safe at parties and social gatherings? Our Party Ready first aid program can help.

Party Ready will equip those from Year 9 upwards with the tools and knowledge to help their mates if they are injured, unwell or in distress. From CPR to psychological first aid and substance overdose, Party Ready will help young people to be confident to de-escalate the immediate situation as well as help them to direct the person to an appropriate intervention.


We thought that the program ran really well. Chantelle was brilliant with the students and adapted the course each day taking into account our feedback and her own reflections on each activity. The recovery position and CPR component is by far the most engaging and the students loved this practical component. Clearly hours of work had gone into the creation of the booklet and powerpoint and the scenarios and activities were also very good
Candice Rulach, Head of Year 11 and Learning Leader
Journey, Billanook College

Program Bookings

2024 Bookings Now Open

Topics Covered

  • How to be safe at parties (planning ahead, during the party and as the party is ending)
  • Drink spiking
  • Binge drinking and the effects of alcohol on the body and decision making
  • Drugs and their effects on the body and decision making
  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes and their effects
  • Dispelling common myths around drugs and alcohol
  • First Aid action plan: the DRSABCD (practical activities include placing each other in the recovery position, CPR practice on manikins, Defibrillator practice)
  • Calling Triple Zero and what might happen
  • Common mental health conditions and how drugs and alcohol can impact these conditions
  • What a mental health crisis is and psychological first aid approaches with the Action Plan
  • Do’s and Don’ts of helping people in distress
  • Additional resources for more information, support and help in an emergency

Program Details

The Party Ready program is designed to be delivered to 1 homeroom group (20-25 students) per day (approx. 5 hours spread across the day).

Currently we can deliver to up to 3 groups per day with 3 Trainers available. Therefore if you wish to book more than 75 students, please indicate this in the form below and select multiple date options to allow us to return over several days.

We will require:

  • 1 dedicated room for the day, carpeted and at least 10mx10m and with some clear space for CPR practicals in groups of 3-4 students
  • Access to a screen with working sound – e.g. TV or data projector and screen
  • Access to a whiteboard
  • A Teacher to be present for the entire duration of the program to support the Trainer and students who may require it

Students will complete activities and workbooks individually and in small groups and will break out into sessions for CPR and defibrillation.

Please be advised some of the content we will be addressing may be confronting for students, with topics around physical and mental first aid. Your support with the wellbeing of students who may need to leave the session is vital.

There is a small charge of $15 per student to cover the costs of the program. Currently due to a grant, we are pleased to be able to offer the program free to government secondary schools only. Available for 2024 only until the grant allocation is exhausted.

Please note this form is for Victorian Secondary Schools Only.