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Defib in Your Street

Community Program

Defib in Your Street

A St John Ambulance Victoria initiative creating the safest places in Australia to have a sudden cardiac arrest - 24/7 accessible defibrillators and free training

Students completing Free CPR training as part of the St John Ambulance Victoria Defib in your Street Community Program.


Our current project for 2024.

Click for free training and information on hosting a defibrillator.

St Albans

Our 2023 project.

St Albans has one of the highest rates of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests in Victoria.


Our 2022 pilot suburb.

Improving survival rates with the help of community members.

Did You Know?

  • Over 7,300 cardiac arrests occur in Victoria each year.
  • Most (80%) of sudden cardiac arrests happen in the home, not at the shops or at work, leaving people like you too far from the help you need.
  • Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests (OHCA) have a low survival rate of 5% in Victoria.
  • Only 1.5% of people that have sudden cardiac arrests receive bystander defibrillation.
  • CPR within the first 6 minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest, coupled with use of a defibrillator, increases the survival rates to as high as 70%.


Join the GoodSAM app to help people in urgent need of first aid.

Become a partner

Enquire now and let us know how you would like to partner with the Defib in Your Street program.