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Defib in Your Street

Creating the safest places in Australia to have a sudden cardiac arrest with 24/7 defibs and free training.

Defib in Your Street aims to make the Suburb of Reservoir the safest place in Australia to have a sudden cardiac arrest.

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Free Education & Training

We’re giving away 3,000 free CPR courses and educating another 15,000 people.

Fundraise for a Defibrillator

Would you like to organise a fundraising drive to buy a defibrillator for your community?

Host a Defibrillator on your property

Over 80% of sudden cardiac arrests happen in the home. Defib in Your Street aims to place Defibrillators in the middle of where people live – in residential areas, on the streets and in front yards. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest 

  • Over 6,500 sudden cardiac arrests occur in Victoria per year. 80% of these arrests happen in the home. 
  • Sudden cardiac arrests have a low survival rate of between 6-12% in Victoria. The percentage has been decreasing recently due to the pandemic.
  • Only 1% of people that have sudden cardiac arrests receive bystander defibrillation. 
  • CPR within the first 6 minutes of sudden cardiac arrest, coupled with use of a defibrillator, increases the survival rates to over 50%. 

Defibrillators in Reservoir

View Defib Locations in a full screen map

This map shows the areas of Reservoir that are currently within 400m of a 24/7 publicly accessible defibrillator. We aim to have defibrillators within 400m of every resident by the end of 2022. If you are interested in hosting a defibrillator, please let us know.

You can also find information regarding defibrillators near you at the Ambulance Victoria defibrillator registry

Thank you to all community groups, families and individuals that are hosting 24/7 publicly accessible defibrillators. 

24/7 publicly accessible defibrillators are currently located at:

  • 12 Bartrop Street, on the front porch (Residential address)
  • 14 Godley Street, on the front porch (Residential address)
  • 64 Glasgow Avenue, on the left wall of the front porch (Residential address)
  • 55 Miranda Road, in the carport (Residential address)   
  • 2 Lipscomb Court, on the front porch (Residential address)
  • 42 Compton Street, on the side of the house near the front porch (Residential address)
  • Reservoir Train Station, beside the kiosks near the pay gates
  • 15a Delaware Street, on the front porch (Residential address)
  • 2c Cuthbert Road, at the main entrance (Reservoir Neighbourhood House)
  • 43 Kinsale Street, on the front porch (Residential address)
  • 11 Taylor Avenue, on the side of the house in the carport (Residential address)
  • 744 Plenty Road, beside the main entrance (Reservoir Scout Hall)
  • 7 Newton St, at the entrance on the side (East Preston Community Centre)
  • 35 Sturdee Street Reservoir (PRACE)

Other ways to be involved


Become a first responder

Join the GoodSAM app to help people in urgent need of first aid.  


Share your story

Many people’s lives have been affected by experiences with sudden cardiac arrest.  

We are interested in hearing from people in Reservoir who have been affected by sudden cardiac arrest – as a victim, a friend, a loved one, or a bystander. Stories can be anonymous if you wish.


Share Your Story

Send your support

A quick message of support will help the Defib in Your Street Program in so many ways.  

Our Supporters

Defib in Your Street would like to thank the families, individuals, community groups, businesses, and organisations of Reservoir for their strong and ongoing support.  


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