St John Ambulance

For the Service of Humanity

St John Ambulance Victoria is a charity in the Australian community working for the Service of Humanity. We exist to help those who are in sickness, distress, suffering or danger.

A trusted and reassuring presence in the Victorian community for more than 138 years, St John Ambulance Victoria is a work of the Order of St John in Australia. We look to the future as a vibrant and strong organisation which exists to help those in our community who are in sickness, distress, suffering or danger.

Our desire is to serve the community further, deliver the best care possible and be a place where people are inspired to volunteer and work. We support our charitable work through a strong and diversified commercial operation, operating as a certified Social Enterprise.


With extensive numbers of volunteers, staff, vehicles, equipment, branches and facilities, St John is well placed to provide support to the Victorian community through crises such as bushfires, floods and pandemics. 

St John Ambulance Victoria Fleet Staff Volunteer Capability

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How St John Contributes to Resilient Communities

All our earnings from our paid programs – including First Aid training and the presence of our ‘vollies in green’ at public events – goes towards life-saving community programs.

Our activities and programs build resilience in and give confidence to the communities which we serve.

These programs include:

Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Our Strategic Plan 2019–2023, is both a vision and a statement of intent with our mission firmly at the centre of all we will do.

With 4 key strategic priorities, we will deliver on our mission For the Service of Humanity with the below commitments by 2023:

Maximise our Community Health Contribution:

    • 33% of the Victorian population engaged in First Aid knowledge building annually
    • 50% of sudden cardiac arrests receive defibrillation
    • 90% of sudden cardiac arrests receive CPR
    • Two new community programs
    • Significantly grow our Community Transport Service

Diversify our Commercial Activities:

    • Create a Centre of Excellence in Healthcare and Industrial Compliance Training
    • Increase Fundraising’s contribution
    • Launch an agency for aged care and inhome care workers
    • Provide corporate health and wellbeing services

Deliver Person-Centred Care:

    • Develop and maintain a clinical governance framework
    • Deliver effective measures to report and improve the patient experience
    • Support research in First Aid and healthcare
    • Innovate First Aid training to improve bystander preparedness

Inspire Our People:

    • Expand our Employee Value Proposition
    • A great place to volunteer
    • Child Wise Certification
    • Provide a Safe Place for our people

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With over 130 years of experience training Australians in First Aid, St John is committed to promoting the importance of First Aid in the community to help save lives.