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Bitesize eLearning Course: Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis can be life threatening, so when a severe allergic reaction occurs, it should always be treated fast and effectively.

Learn about allergies and anaphylaxis, and how to effectively manage an anaphylactic emergency in this interactive online course.


Bitesize eLearning Course: Allergies and Anaphylaxis

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Allergy & Anaphylaxis Course

This course features videos, quizzes and interactive learning. Either complete this course in one session or complete one topic at a time, your eLearning progress will be saved as you go.

  • Fully online
  • Closed captioned
  • Non accredited bitesize learning
  • Mobile friendly

Easily completed within 1 hour.

Participants will receive a St John Certificate of Completion.

Who should do this course?

With allergies and anaphylaxis being a common health risk, everyone should know how to manage and treat anaphylaxis. This course is recommended for parents and carers of children with allergies, or employees who have a high risk of interacting with those who might suffer from allergies such as teachers, or workplaces with many visitors such as supermarkets, community or sporting groups.

What do other people think?

Now I know how to administer an epipen. Big thanks

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