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Bitesize eLearning Course: Facial and Eye Injuries

Most eye and facial injuries in Australia are minor, but some workplace accidents or sport-related injuries can cause long term, partial or permanent damage.

Learn how to successfully provide emergency first aid to a casualty suffering facial or eye injuries in this interactive online course.


Bitesize eLearning Course: Facial and Eye Injuries

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Facial & Eye Injury Course Online

This course features videos, quizzes and interactive learning. Either complete this course in one session or complete one topic at a time, your eLearning progress will be saved as you go.

  • Fully online
  • Closed captioned
  • Non accredited bitesize learning
  • Mobile friendly

Easily completed within 1 hour.

Participants will receive a St John Certificate of Completion.

Who should do this course?

Workplaces that have a high risk of facial or eye injuries such as manufacturing, construction or those that use machinery or power tools should consider this course for their employees. Those involved in sporting or activities where facial and eye injuries might occur should also undertake this course.

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