5 Steps to First aid Readiness

Test your First Aid Readiness

St John has created this short quiz for you to test your First Aid knowledge.

There is only one correct answer to each question!

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  1. What is First Aid?
  2. What is the first step in managing a First Aid situation?
  3. What is the telephone number to call in an emergency?
  4. What is most important to manage in an unconscious person?
  5. How do you check for breathing?
  6. What should you commence if there is no breathing in an unconscious person?
  7. What is the rhythm of CPR?
  8. What machine will increase the survival of the person in Sudden Cardiac Arrest?
  9. How can you stop external bleeding?
  10. What condition should you always expect an ill or injured person to develop sooner or later?
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