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Defibrillator (AED) Maintenance

During a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) every second counts. You don't want to be in the middle of an emergency when you discover your defibrillator hasn't been set up or requires trouble shooting.

This is why it is important that defibrillators are regularly monitored and maintained to ensure it's ready to go when you need it.

Defibrillator Checklists

Setting up your defibrillator for the first time

New defibrillators will require some basic set up to ensure they're ready to be used in an emergency.

Quick start guides

St John Ambulance Defibrillators - How to Videos

How to change the battery on the G5 and G3 Elite


Defibrillator pads must be replaced if they have been used. Pads and batteries can also expire after a number of years so it is important that this is factored in to the maintenance of  your defibrillator.

View our range of defibrillator batteries, pads and accessories which can be purchased online.

St John first aid training - trainer, students and manikin

Defibrillator Training

Got the defibrillator but don't know how to use it? 

Gain the skills to confidently use a defibrillator and provide CPR in an emergency with CPR training.


Defibrillator in red cabinet

Defibrillator maintenance service

Take the hassle out of defibrillator maintenance and let St John maintain your defibrillators for you.  Find out more about our Defibrillator maintenance service for businesses.

woman using a defibrillator on a man in a car park

Register your Defibrillator location

Registering the location of your defibrillator is so important - this critical step helps link defibrillators in Victorian communities with people in an emergency, which saves lives.

Visit the Ambulance Victoria Website to register or find your nearest defibrillator.

Request a quote for bulk ordering of Defibrillators and accessories

If you are making a large order of defibrillators or defibrillator accessories, contact us to request a quote.

A member of our team will be contact to discuss your requirements further.