St John Ambulance

Agile and time efficient training using cutting edge technology

An interactive and time-efficient First Aid training solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or outcomes.

Designed for busy people and workplaces, SJx uses technology to deliver a high quality First Aid training experience in a reduced amount of time. Resulting in:

  • Access to consistent and standardised testing
  • An engaging, interactive experience
  • Improved participant outcomes
  • Improved ability to recall training in a real-life emergency situation
  • The peace of mind that your training is with St John Ambulance
  • Efficient training delivery without compromising on learning quality
  • Receive your certificate on the same day

How to Book SJx Training at Your Workplace

SJx training is fully mobile and you don’t need a large workspace to host it.

Two delivery models are currently available:

1. Virtual Reality (using VR headsets or iPads) for up to 4 people

2. Immersive technology (Using iPads and digital technologies) for up to 22 people

What People Are Saying About SJx

Great new approach to training. Shorter, concise and accurate.
Ciaran Roche, OHS
RMIT University
The VR used to deliver the course was immersive and gave the participants and idea of what being in that situation could feel like. The delivery of the training was well integrated with the VR aspects and we all felt the course was very effective and beneficial.
Melanie Keomany, Client Service Manager
Freedom Finance Australia
Conducted in a way that is conducive for fun-filled training day. The trainer was awesome, flexible and understanding.
Training Participant