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Appreciating Your Workplace First Aider

St John first aid in warehouse

First Aiders in the workplace, although vitally important, can often go unnoticed until their skills are needed in an emergency situation.  They are the reliable, calm presence that reassures everyone they will be ok regardless of what happens. When it comes to fulfilling the duty of care to staff, the First Aiders are a critical link.

With it being Safe Work Month, it’s the perfect time to show the role of the workplace First Aider some love. What better place to start than St John Ambulance Victoria’s own workplace First Aiders!

We want to give our kudos to Rhianna, Steve and Stephanie who keep the staff at St John Ambulance Victoria’s state office safe. We’ve asked them to share their experience as a First Aider in the workplace so that if you are considering the role yourself, you understand a bit more about what it might be like.


Rhianna’s Story As A Workplace First Aider

The reason I became the workplace First Aider is because I think about how I would feel if one of my friends or family was seriously injured or killed in the workplace because there was no-one trained to provide effective first aid should an incident occur. I’d be upset to know that it could have been prevented. I essentially provide that safeguard for the friends and family of the colleagues I work with here at St John.


Stephanie’s Story As A Workplace First Aider

First aid has always interested me and being a first aider has helped me gain more skills and feel that I can help anyone in any scenario. It has given me the confidence to step up and assist in an incident.

I enjoy helping people and giving them reassurance and support in what must be a stressful situation for them. The is no greater reward than knowing you have assisted someone in their time of need.  This is my fourth year being a first aid officer and look forward to playing a part in providing a Safe Place at St John Ambulance into the future.


Steve’s Story As A Workplace First Aider

When I joined St John 4 years ago, I become a Volunteer and First Responder to learn more about the business. With the knowledge gained and my experience at using First Aid at events, it was a natural choice to use these skills as an experienced First Aider with St John.

I like that in this role, I’m prepared for any emergency at any time. I have been equipped with the skills to deal with most First Aid incidents. It gives me great pleasure to assist others during their time of need.

I have been called upon a few times to assist with incidents. Some staff have also consulted with me on a more private level about some problem they or a family member may be experiencing.

To anyone that may be thinking of becoming their workplace first aider, is to be prepared!

Its time pop your head over the cubicle to tell your first aid hero that you appreciate them!

If you’re short of heroes in your workplace, maybe it's time to sign yourself up as a workplace First Aider. As little as half day course will get you the qualifications you need.


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