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Not Sure What All Those Strange Items Are? A Guide to First Aid Kit Contents

Most of us have a First Aid Kit somewhere, whether at home or work. It’s our ‘insurance policy’ against disaster and provides most of what you could need in an emergency situation.

But are we really familiar with what is inside and what each item should be used for? Especially for workplaces, which must abide by the minimum contents listed in the WorkSafe Victoria First Aid in the Workplace Compliance Code. If you’ve never opened up your kit and taken a look at each item, we’ve prepared a handy guide for you:

As well as what should be in your kit, here are a few things that should NOT be in your First Aid Kit:

  • Workplaces should not contain medications such as paracetamol, aspirin or Ventolin
  • Expired products
  • Damaged products: dusty, dirty, waterlogged, etc

In addition to the contents, the container for your First Aid Kit should be appropriate for the workplace. It needs to be clearly marked with a white cross on a green background so it can be easily identified in an emergency. It should also be dust and moisture-proof to keep the contents sterile and secure.

If this sounds like a long list of contents to keep track of, you’re right. We’ve got a few tips to make the process easier for you:

  • Keep a log note on the outside of the kit listing the date it was last checked and by whom
  • Set a reminder in your phone or Outlook to check the kit regularly for stock levels and expiry dates (monthly or fortnightly depending on the type of workplace)
  • Use a kit restocking service to simplify the process if you have many kits in many locations

So take a look at your kit today and get familiar with each and every item. It could save precious time and stress in an emergency, you won’t be fumbling around reading packets and looking for missing items.

However, even the best First Aid Kit contents only work well if part of a system of First Aiders, correct procedures, drills and facilities. The best First Aid Kit is useless if you haven’t done a First Aid course, which is truly the best ‘insurance policy’ you can have against risk.

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