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Simple Contact Tracing Software for Businesses

St John Ambulance Victoria have partnered with Wavin™ to make a fast and easy method of contact tracing available to all organisations large and small.

You will remain compliant with your DHHS record keeping obligations while making checking in easy for your staff and visitors.

waving contact tracing software logo

Wavin is:

  • Touch free – user holds their phone near the RFID sensor and a sign in screen pops up for them
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones
  • Free from downloads or installations required for the user
  • Fast to check in on the users own device
  • Even easier to check in after the first visit – users just hold their phone 15cm from the sensor and it will remember their details
  • Free from GPS tracking or ongoing data use
  • No pen and paper
  • Stored securely in the cloud
  • Deletes all data after 28 days in compliance with Victorian regulations
  • Works in all states and territories of Australia
  • Customisable – you can add screening questions to be answered by your visitors each time if required

Watch the video to see how easy Wavin is to use.

Who should Use Wavin?

In Victoria, any organisation where staff, visitors, or customers are on site for more than 15 minutes must keep a record of who attends and their phone number.

This includes:

  • All workplaces
  • Hospitality – restaurants, cafes, function and event centres
  • Retail
  • Personal services – hairdressing, beauty, massage, physiotherapy, etc
  • Gyms and swimming pools
  • Libraries, galleries, museums, etc.
  • Places of worship
  • Open for inspections or auctions
  • Community facilities

Used by St John Ambulance Victoria at our first aid training centres and worksites to quickly and simply check in students and staff, we personally vouch for the ease of use and privacy of Wavin.

How much is Wavin?

Wavin is a simple and inexpensive contact tracing solution. 

$30 for each sensor (one off payment) - a sensor is required for people to record their details.

$24 per month (month to month payment - no lock in contracts) - monthly payments are for the maintenance and storage of contact tracing information which can be accessed in the event it is required by contact tracers.

Less than 81 cents per day will keep your organisation compliant and makes contact tracing faster and easier, keeping us all safer.

Get A Free Wavin Sensor As We Reopen Melbourne

Wavin are partnering with St John to Reopen Melbourne and are giving away 5000 free sensors.

FAQs About Wavin Contact Tracing Software

No! Any mobile phone or device that is internet enabled can be used to access Wavin to check-in patron’s details.

Yes! If you have multiple premises we will provide you with a different Wavin sensor for each location. For enterprise level systems requiring 10 or more please contact us to discuss.

No. Wavin has been designed so you have unlimited Wavins. There are no additional costs. We do not penalise you for having more guests or patrons.

No, Wavin does not use any location services or GPS. Whenever you wave your phone over a Wavin sensor, the sensor triggers an automated check in and records only the date and time you entered those premises. We do not track anyone at any time.

No, one of the huge benefits of Wavin is that it is the easiest and most convenient solution on the market for patrons to use. With Wavin, you only have to enter your details the very first time. Then you can simply Wavin wherever you see the Wavin logo.

No, there is only a monthly fee paid in advance. Your subscription can be cancelled anytime. Simply send an email with your company details in it and “cancel” in the subject line.

Order Wavin for your organisation

Click the link to order now.