First Aid Champion

Nominations have now closed for 2019.

Stay tuned for 2020.

Organised by St John Ambulance Victoria, the annual First Aid Champion Awards provides a unique opportunity for Victorians to honour those who have made a real impact to people’s lives, whether as unsung heroes, colleagues, classmates, friends or family members.

In a mission to thank and acknowledge Victorians who have displayed goodwill and courage by providing emergency First Aid, we hope to inspire others throughout the community to mirror these acts of heroism in times of need.


First Aid Champions present themselves in different circumstances so we’re awarding those in the following categories:


Junior First Aid Champion (Under 12)

The category is open to children younger than 12 who have demonstrated excellent First Aid knowledge to help in a time of need.


Youth First Aid Champion (Under 18)

The category is open to young individuals aged between 13-17 that have helped others in a First Aid emergency situation.


School First Aid Champion

The category is open to a school member (e.g. Teacher, Nurse, Admin) that has demonstrated their First Aid skills to help someone within the school environment – open to ALL members of the school community.


Community First Aid Champion

The category is open to all members of the general public, aged 18 and above, that have demonstrated a great act of service with their First Aid skills in a time of need, anywhere in the community.


Workplace First Aid Champion

The category is open to an individual that has demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills that have helped a colleague in a First Aid incident in the workplace.

Who Can Nominate?

Anyone can nominate another person for a First Aid Champion Award.

Important Information

  • The First Aid Champion Awards will be hosted in Melbourne 31st July 2019
  • Entries close 5pm Wednesday 3rd July 2019
  • An individual only needs to be nominated once to be considered for an award
  • Nominees must be residents of Victoria

Entries are now closed

Should you have any queries about your nomination feel free to contact