Gowns and suits

Gowns and suits are generally not recommended PPE for non-healthcare workplaces.

Gowns and suits with long sleeves are used to protect the wearers clothing from airborne droplets, which can then transfer on to hands and the face, or to others.

Coverall Suit (disposable)
Product code: 35733 Disposable synthetic non-woven fibre coverall suit with blue tape. Hands and boot free. Elastic cuffs and ankles. Sleeves with elasticated thumb loop. Zipper with resealable flap. Antistatic treated. One size fits all. Type: 4B Length: 1140 cm Width: 1115 cm.

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When to use gowns and suits

  • For healthcare workers performing aerosol generating procedures.

When not to use gowns and suits

  • If gowns/suits are the only PPE in use and the wearer is not wearing gloves, a face shield, or a mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

A disposable gown should be disposable and discarded immediately after use in a biohazardous bag and placed in general waste.

Yes, they are made from either impermeable material or a water-resistant, tightly woven fabric, and have been proven to decrease bacterial counts.

Generally an already sterile surgical gown is used by non-healthcare workers, and it's recommended to use this product when necessary.

Surgical gowns should be worn with other PPE including gloves, a face mask/face shield and in some instances eye goggles.


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