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Snakebite first aid kits

With around 100 species of venomous snakes throughout Australia that have the ability to cause moderate to severe symptoms from a snake bite it is important that all snakebites are treated seriously.

If you live or work in a snake prone area, it is recommended that you have the tools on hand to treat injuries due to snake bites.

We have a range or specialised kits for snake bites, which are lightweight and portable.

Choosing the right snake bite kit

Most kits will include bandages required to provide first aid for a snake bite, however a specific kit is ideal if you want those items easy to find and access in an emergency.

How the kit is packaged will also be important and depend on your requirements. Do you need a kit that can be easily stored within a larger kit, a backpack or a glove box? Or perhaps you require the kit to have straps so it can be affixed to you during movement such as walking or hiking.

Do I need a snake bite kit?

  • Live in a warmer climate or its spring/summer - snakes area more prevalent when the weather is warm
  • Have a garden and spend time in the garden
  • Go camping in national parks or bushland
  • Go hiking in national parks or bushland
Snake Bite First Aid Kits
View our range of portable first aid kits and products designed specifically for snake bites
St John first aid training

First Aid Training For snake bites

Nothing will have you more prepared to tackle a snake bite than doing First Aid Training.

Complete a general Provide First Aid course which will covers all the common first aid scenarios  or our remote first aid course, tailored for situations that can happen in the bush.

Applying first aid to child foot in park

Snake Bite First Aid Tips

Living in Australia, you're bound to come across a snake at least one. 

Find out more about snakes, and what you need to do if you need to provide First Aid for a snake bite.

St John First Aid in Schools Program presenter with students

Bites and stings First Aid For Kids

Its not just Adults who should know how to provide First Aid for snake bites, but kids too.

Find out more about our free First Aid Schools program which teaches primary school children first aid - including bites and stings!

Get your school involved today.

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