What Have St John Volunteers Been Doing During the Pandemic?

At St John Ambulance Victoria the backbone of our charitable organisation is our volunteers, and this has been the case since 1883. For well over one hundred years our volunteers have been saving lives and delivering care and compassion to those in sickness, suffering and distress throughout Victoria. Our growing volunteer base of more than 2,200 volunteers consists of everyone from first aiders through to health professionals including, Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics who are ready to serve the community.
23 Jul 2020

What is PPE and How to Use it Correctly – Top Tips You Must Follow

Traditionally personal protective equipment (PPE) is used by healthcare workers, however, in recent times we’ve seen a significant increase of the general public using such equipment. With the increase of PPE usage across the globe, it’s important people are aware of how to wear equipment correctly – because if worn incorrectly it may defeat the purpose of wearing it.
30 Jun 2020

First Aid Training is Back - But What Has Changed?

We're back in the classroom following COVID-19 restrictions. But training won't be the same as you remember it. Find out what's changed.
01 Jun 2020

Should You Get the Flu Vaccination In the Era of COVID-19?

If we do in fact have another bad flu season, we could potentially have more spikes in COVID-19 cases. As COVID-19 and the influenza strains are 2 different viruses, it is possible to contract both at the same time. A very unlucky, but preventable, scenario.
27 May 2020

A Guide to Opening Up Workplaces Safely During COVID-19

Workplaces are now making plans for the return of their staff and customers. Naturally, employers or safety managers will be working on implementing infection control measures to reduce risks and ensure staff feel safe returning to work. We've created a handy guide to follow
12 May 2020
st john first aid at events volunteer with st john vehicle

St John Ambulance Victoria's Response Capability

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, St John Ambulance Victoria is well prepared throughout our Non-Emergency Patient Transport and Volunteer operations to provide additional support to the Victorian community. Click through for an infographic about our extensive vehicle, staff, volunteer, training, equipment and infrastructure capabilities.
30 Apr 2020