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Volunteering: It’s More Than Just A Passion, It’s A Way Of Life

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People pursue a life of volunteering with St John for so many varying reasons, but the one motive that connects them all is that they do it because they care. There is a fire, igniting their passion to do good in the community and to help those that are in need.

St John Ambulance Victoria’s ‘vollies in green’ are iconic across the state, delivering First Aid services at events, both big and small, giving back to the community through an instant contribution that strengthens public resilience.

The use of volunteers as part of our Event Health Service delivery is an asset that sets us apart in the industry. Our team is there for one reason, to provide optimum First Aid services that assists those in sickness, distress, suffering or danger. Each member takes great pride in what they do and they are personally and professionally committed to delivering on the overarching objective of providing incomparable First Aid all for the greater good of our community.

The ‘WHY’ Behind A St John Volunteer

When St John Ambulance Victoria volunteers are asked what sparked their desire to volunteer for the non-profit the answers are always intertwined with an all-consuming desire to help our community thrive. Of course, people are shaped and moulded by their own personal experiences, although the path that led them to St John may vary, the cause remains the same and most importantly, this cause is what keeps our volunteers inspired to provide the best possible service to the community each and every day.

Personal Connection

In many cases, our volunteers have a strong tie with St John because they, or someone close to them, suffered a medical emergency and required First Aid. When a health emergency happens to someone you love and care about, the experience has a lasting impact.

Many volunteers want to pay it forward because of real life experiences, they know how much the community relies on volunteers, they understand how people feel in these stressful moments and they will do everything within their power to provide reassurance and optimal care.

Make A Difference

Volunteers are impassioned by the opportunity to contribute to the St John goal of strengthening community resilience. They are driven  by knowing that their contribution will have a real, instant impact and in fact save a life.

Give Back

They feel a civic responsibility to provide First Aid to the public, which is fuelled by their compassionate and benevolent nature. St John Ambulance core values resonate with their own and they take pride in knowing they are making a positive contribution to the community at each event that they attend.

Make Real Connections

Naturally, our volunteers thrive off human interaction. With a combination of best in class First Aid training, knowledge, practical skills and a natural desire to connect with and help others, an encounter with a St John volunteer will always be a heartfelt and appreciated memory by members of our community.

Build New Skills

Our volunteers are driven by a longing to challenge themselves, grow, broaden their horizons and expand their personal and professional skillset. They find value in every experience, whether it’s treatment of a major/minor injury or health emergency, the opportunity to lead a team,  learning by trouble-shooting problems or evolving their communication ability.

The opportunity to grow is never-ending and they find value in their volunteer experiences when  the skills learned transfer into other areas of their life.

The Roles That Our Volunteers Play

A St John Ambulance Victoria volunteer contributes to strengthening community resilience through First Aid at both public events and state-wide civil emergencies.

Event Health Services

St John Ambulance Victoria provides First Aid services at big and small events, from local markets and sporting matches to major concerts and iconic Melbourne festivities. Our volunteer team enables the safety, health and wellbeing of the Victorian public whilst they enjoy time indulging in their interests and bonding with their loved ones. The presence of our volunteers provides reassurance and peace of mind to the public, simply by knowing that we are there and ready to respond if a health  event or emergency did arise.

Emergency Management

St John Ambulance Victoria is committed to helping the public in times of suffering and danger, providing First Aid services in civil emergencies, including floods, fires and times of distress. Our volunteer unit makes this possible by prioritising the prosperity of our community above all else and uniting, responding and providing the appropriate care and support required to aide our community.

Volunteers are driven by something much more than financial reward, they are driven by a yearning to pay it forward, make a difference, give back, form real connections and build interchangeable skills. At the end of every duty, they are able to find true value in what they do.

The all-encompassing desire to help those in need unites our volunteers as one. It is the foundation to the success of the duties we attend. It is the underpinning reason that our quality of service is never compromised. It is the simple reason why the public light up each time they see our vollies in green. It is the motivation that inspires our team to go above and beyond for those in need.

Every member of our team is driven by pure compassion, the most powerful motivator possible, which ensures St John Ambulance Victoria provides the highest standards of care.

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