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The small Portland and Warrnambool teams are seeking passionate individuals, like Daniel Willis, eager to join them and make a real difference. Daniel is a dedicated student of Medicine at Deakin University, who represents the organisation’s passion for community service.

His journey with St John Ambulance began in 2022 with the Barwon division, where his commitment to serving others and his first-aid skills shone brightly. Transitioning to the Warrnambool division in 2023, Daniel brought with him not only his expertise but also a profound desire to build connections within his new community.

Reflecting on his experience, Daniel emphasises that St John Ambulance is more than just about learning first-aid skills; it's about fostering meaningful connections and participating in a diverse number of community events. “My motivation to join St John arose from a desire to combine serving others with essential first-aid skills and connecting with people in the community”.

Also, as a part-time Personal Trainer, Daniel is keen to serve the needs of the community and engage both on and off duty.

The Warrnambool division, currently comprising approximately 14 active members, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. Covering a wide range of events such as the Warrnambool Rodeo, Agricultural Show, Port Fairy Street Festival, Multicultural Festival, AFLW, and Emergency Management for bushfires and floods, the division collectively dedicates over 300 volunteer hours annually.

With its strong emphasis on community, the Portland and Warrnambool Divisions of St John Ambulance invite individuals passionate about making a positive impact to join their ranks. Whether you're looking to learn life-saving skills, connect with like-minded individuals, or actively participate in community events, St John Ambulance offers a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

St John Ambulance Victoria invites individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels to consider becoming a volunteer. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community and continue the legacy of compassion and care that has defined St John for more than 140 years in Victoria.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities with St John Ambulance Victoria, locals living in Portland and Warrnambool and surrounds are invited to attend an information session at 6pm on Wednesday 27th of March 2024. Please visit to register your interest.