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St John Ambulance Ranked Top #4 Trusted Charity

A Reputation Built on Purpose and Community Impact 

St John Ambulance
, a trusted name in first aid and medical services, continues to shine as a beacon of compassion and expertise. According to a recent survey conducted by RepTrak, which measures the reputation of Australia’s largest charities, St John Ambulance stands tall as one of the most reputable charitable organisations in the country.

The survey results reveal that we have maintained our impressive #4 ranking from last year, only missing out on the #3 spot by a tiny point. According to the survey, 90% of Australians express their willingness to welcome St John into their communities. The trust is a testament to the organisation’s commitment to serving the public.

While the survey included perceptions of St John on 23 underlying factors, the areas that we received the strongest results were:

Relevant Purpose: When Australians think of St John Ambulance, they immediately associate it with expertise in providing first aid and medical assistance during emergencies. Whether it’s a public event, a workplace incident, or a community crisis, St John’s prompt and skilful response ensures critical aid to those in need.

Essential Community Role: St John is not just an organisation; it’s an essential part of the community fabric. Our presence at events, workplaces, and local gatherings underscores our commitment to public safety.

Life-Saving Education: St John’s dedication to training and educating people in first aid and life-saving skills sets us apart. By empowering individuals with knowledge, we promote health and safety awareness on a broad scale. Our training programs resonate with compassion and practicality.

Another key value that was highlighted in the survey when people think about us was Compassion.  

Compassion is at the heart of St John Ambulance. When lives hang in the balance, our teams respond with empathy and urgency. Whether it’s administering first aid, supporting vulnerable populations, or reaching out to those in crisis, St John embodies the value of compassion. Our work transcends mere duty; it reflects a deep sense of care for others.

While St John Ambulance’s reputation remains stable and excellent (scoring 92.5 in 2023, while the #3 charity scored 92.6, only 0.1 difference), it’s essential to recognise the collective effort of staff, volunteers, and supporters. Their unwavering dedication ensures that St John continues to be a lifeline for those in need.

“At St John Ambulance, we are very honored to be ranked as one of the most trusted charities in Australia. Being named as the #4 most reputable charity in the country doesn’t only show that we have a meaningful contribution to the community but also that we love what we do, and the public recognise it. We are only able to serve the community thanks to our amazing volunteers and staff who are committed to making a difference every day and continue to deliver outstanding first aid services.”

As we move forward, let us celebrate the compassion that defines St John Ambulance. To our wonderful people - over 2000 volunteers and staff - who deliver each and every day to make it possible - thank you!