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What if something goes wrong?

If illness or an accident happened to someone you love, would you know what to do? Learning first aid empowers you to keep them alive or comfortable until an ambulance arrives or they make it to a hospital. And scarily, right now, only 13% of Aussies know first aid, that’s just 1 in 8 of us. But we can change that.

Know First Aid At Home

It’s about being there for family and friends when the worst occurs

First Aid Out & About

Accidents and emergencies will happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. We owe it to each other.

Know First Aid At Work

Just like you, everyone deserves to make it home to their loved ones

About St John Ambulance

We are a self-funded charity who helps your local community in more ways than you can imagine. Not only are we Victoria’s largest provider of first aid training, we also provide first aid and health services at thousands of events for millions of patrons each year. You'll also see our Patient Transport crews on the road every day, caring for patients in medium and low acuity scenarios.

Help Us Do More

Did you know St John is self-funded, receives no government funding to run our services and relies on the public, people like you, to support our work?

It’s up to you to ensure St John can continue to be there when needed across events, emergencies like fires and floods and provide essential surge support of Victoria’s health system.

Over 370,000 Victorians helped each year

1 million+ primary students trained in free first aid since 2013

104,800 hours volunteered in 2021

83,565 NEPT Patients Transported in 2021

104 Volunteers Driving Emergency Ambulances During Surge

Free defibs & training via Defib In Your Street