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St John Ambulance is the largest and most comprehensive provider of First Aid & Event Health Services in Victoria. Our growing membership consists of more than 2,000 Professional Volunteer Medics, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Salaried Medics.

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As a St John First Responder, you will support the community by delivering a range of high-quality and professional health care services to deliver on our mission For the Service of Humanity.
Your role and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following duties:

  • First aid care for patients at local community and state events
  • Non-emergency patient transport
  • Support services for the health care and aged care networks
  • Health and temperature screening
  • Clerical duties
  • Emergency and health department response support

As a member, you will be allocated to a Division who will provide ongoing leadership and mentorship. With their support, you are urged to dedicate a minimum of 60 hours per annum to St John activities, with diverse opportunities to volunteer across Victoria every day of the year.

St John provides a comprehensive training program to attain a First Responder scope of practice. Your preliminary training will span over 6-months including both accredited and non-accredited courses delivered via a blended learning approach combining face-to-face instruction and online modules. You do not need any prior knowledge/skills to join aside from an enthusiasm to engage and learn.

You may refer to the below chart for more information on the application process and the initial training and development for all new members.

First Responder Training Program

Session Detail


Two days

You will be invited to attend a two-day induction at a central location.

Block 1 Accredited Training

Two days

- Provide Advanced First Aid (HLTAID014)
- Provide Advanced Resuscitation and Oxygen Therapy (HLTAID015)
Orientation This if your opportunity to meet your Division and attend at least two health services duties in our mentor program.

Block 2 Accredited Training

Two days

- Course in the Management of Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the Workplace (22556VIC)
- Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22300VIC)
- Provide Pain Management (PUAEME005)

First Responder scope of practice attained*

*You will be required to complete ongoing professional development modules and challenge tests to maintain your First Responder scope of practice.

Volunteer Development Pathways

Once part of St John you will have the opportunity to explore and experience a range of specialist and leadership roles, the most common roles being;

St John first aid at events volunteers


are St John volunteers (First Aiders) who have completed additional training and acquired more advanced qualifications. As a result, they are able to practice more advanced first aid skills which in turn mean that they are in greater demand when it comes to volunteering for our most popular events/venues. Once trained, our volunteers will be able to take on increased levels of responsibility and provide advice and direction to First Aiders and youth members.


st john first aid at events volunteer working in control centre


are St John volunteers who have completed additional training in order to be able to play a crucial role in ensuring that St John provides an efficient emergency response across the state of Victoria. Once trained, our volunteers will be able to; operate our radio network at 3SJ Melbourne (Mount Waverley), operate our field systems at major venues and major events, operate our Computer Aided Dispatch system which is relied upon by Event Commanders, Event Organisers and the Emergency Services in order to provide the best possible patient outcomes.


St John first aid at events bicycle emergency response team


volunteers are First Responders or Healthcare Professionals who have completed additional training and acquired specialist skills. In order to be selected for the BERT you must be a competent bike rider and able to complete a physical assessment that includes an endurance bike ride of approximately 60km and a beep test. Once trained, volunteers will be able to undertake specialist deployments in areas not easily accessible by a vehicle/ambulance due to the terrain, distance or volume of people (E.g. Melbourne Cup, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Marathons and Fun Runs).


St John first aid at events volunteers


There are currently 47 adult divisions across Victoria. Each Division is managed by a management team of approximately 6 volunteers. St John is a great place to develop and demonstrate leadership skills through participation in leadership training and contributing to the management of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.


st john youth volunteers practicing first aid at camp


There are currently 21 divisions within the St John Youth Program. Each division is managed by a management team of approximately 4 adult volunteers who are responsible for delivering a weekly educational program to young people between the ages of 12 and 17 years and supervising fun social activities that support the engagement of young people in the program. Previous involvement in a youth program is not required by adult volunteers as training will be provided.


St John event volunteer working together with Victoria Police


There are a wide range of leadership roles available within the State Operations Team (E.g. Event Mentor, Venue Manager, Event Commander/Deputy Commander, Clinical Coordinator, Event Liaison, Team Leader) which is responsible for the management of our state level events and major venues. St John provides extensive training and professional development to equip volunteers for these challenging yet rewarding roles.
St John First Aid in Schools Program presenter with students


are St John volunteers who have good communication skills and a desire to educate and develop other volunteers. Endorsed Presenters will normally have been a St John volunteer for approximately two years prior to taking up the role in order to gain the necessary organisational knowledge to be able to guide and advise other volunteers. Once endorsed as a presenter our volunteers will be able to deliver all of the non-accredited St John training modules.


St John first aid training bandaging


are St John volunteers who have excellent communication skills and a proven ability to deliver training and assessment services in the vocational education/training sector. Endorsed Trainers will hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Once endorsed as a trainer our volunteers will be able to deliver all of the non-accredited St John training modules plus nationally accredited first aid training and assessment.


St John first aid at events volunteers packing equipment


is made up of St John volunteers who play a vital role in the provision of first aid services at major events and venues. Liaising closely with Event Commanders and the Event Support Team they coordinate the supply of the equipment, vehicles and other essential materials in the days and weeks leading up to each event.

Valuing our Volunteers

St John has developed a Volunteer Agreement within which we highlight our commitment to our volunteers and what we require of them in return, by way of;

  • Event attendance
  • Training and qualifications
  • Communication
  • Fitness for duty
  • Pre membership checks

Click here to read our Volunteer Agreement

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