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Information for Parents/Carers

Information for Parents/Carers

St John Youth is a leading program for young people. We aim to develop young people as valued and vital members of the community. Our program provides youth members with opportunities to build upon their social, physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and cultural skills and behaviours. By combining First Aid and youth-oriented activities, we aim to develop self-reliant and confident young people who take their place as responsible members of society with a sense of community, service and self.

St John Youth in Victoria has over 500 youth members and is led by over 100 Adult Youth Staff in community and school-based divisions. Our program provides opportunities for young people from the ages of 12 to 18 years to be involved in a community based First Aid oriented youth program with opportunities to directly contribute to the community through voluntary service delivering First Aid at events. 

Here at St John, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. People from all cultures and backgrounds are welcome, including indigenous children, those from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Membership fees

The first year of membership costs $195, and subsequent years are $140. Potential new members are welcome to visit a division for two or three meetings before applying to join and then the fees must be paid promptly. Other costs may occur throughout the program for various activities or camps which members may choose to attend.

Child Safety and Safeguarding

St John believes that everyone has the right to feel safe, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be free from emotional and physical danger, abuse and neglect. We continue to develop and implement initiatives to embed child safety practices which protect children from harm.

Prior to commencing with St John Youth, our adult leaders must:'

  • Undertake and interview and selection process
  • Possess a current Working with Childrens Check.
  • Complete a National Criminal History Check prior to their commencement with St John.
  • Complete the St John National Child Safety Awareness Course and the Youth Mental Health Awareness Course.

All adult members and employees are required to have a Working with Children Check and National Criminal History Check.

Here you will find our key child safety documents, please read through this material for further detailed information regarding St John’s Child Safety measures: Child Safety Information and Documents

If you have any queries regarding St John’s child safety measures, please feel free to email