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Sharon Volunteer Story

Please give now to equip and train a St John Ambulance volunteer, so they can be an extraordinary hero just like Sharon. Thank you.

Turn an "ordinary" person into someone who can save lives. 

Provide a St John Ambulance volunteer like Sharon with training and equipment.

Sharon describes herself as an “ordinary” person. But what she did on Friday, 20 January 2017 was far from ordinary. None of us in Victoria will ever forget that terrible daywhen six people were killed and 27 seriously injured in the heart of Melbourne.

During the Bourke Street attack, IT consultant Sharon was at work. A car drove into crowds of pedestrians at high speed. From her office window, Sharon saw the bloody aftermath and rushed down to helpbecause she was a St John Ambulance volunteer.

Thanks to her training, Sharon could provide first aid to critically injured pedestrians before the ambulances arrived. What she did that day was extraordinary—and it saved lives. Without her quick response, the death toll could have been even higher.

But we need your support to provide St John Ambulance volunteers like Sharon with vital training and equipment. Whether it’s on an “ordinary” day in the office or at public events across Victoria, you can make sure that they are always ready to save lives.