In all workplaces, it is recommended that gloves are made available in case they might be required. Gloves may be worn based on the risks and tasks to be performed.

However, washing hands frequently or using alcohol-based hand sanitiser will usually be a better control measure against infection than wearing gloves. When a person wears gloves, they may come into contact with germs which are then transferred to other objects or their face if they don’t replace and dispose of or clean their gloves between tasks. 

Nitrile Gloves
Product code: 3054 Available in sizes S - XL Single use disposable Non-latex, nitrile. Suitable for those who may have latex allergies. 100 per pack Powder free Snug fitting Puncture identification
Vinyl Gloves
Product code: 468402 Available in sizes S - XL 100 per pack Clear Vinyl powder free disposable gloves, poly vinyl chloride. Ambidextrous, smooth, protection against unwanted and dangerous substances latex free powder free odour free beaded cuff

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When to use gloves

  • When staff are unable to wash their hands or are unable to access alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • When providing first aid and medical treatment
  • When cleaning surfaces with sanitiser
  • When handling food
  • When cleaning
  • When gardening
  • By some trades

When not to use gloves

  • As a substitute for frequent hand washing
  • If gloves cannot be regularly changed
  • If it is more practical for workers to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser


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