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Celebrating Harriet Waymark: An Inspiration of Compassion and Skill

As we end the celebrations of National Volunteer Week, we are proud to highlight a volunteer who embodies both youthful enthusiasm and profound expertise. Meet Harriet Waymark, a model of compassion and skill, whose journey as a Volunteer First Responder has been nothing short of inspiring.

At the age of 20, Harriet’s commitment to serving her community shines brightly. Currently in her final year pursuing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University, she doesn’t stop at academics. Outside the arena of textbooks and labs, she dives into the intricate world of neurobionics research, where she explores the areas of artificial intelligence and animal models, aiming to craft a prosthetic eye that could change lives. “I am passionate about all things healthcare, and I aim to pursue the Doctor of Medicine next year, with the hopes to specialise in Neurology or Emergency Medicine.”

Harriet’s passion extends far beyond her professional interests. Alongside her ambitions to become a doctor, she expresses herself artistically, penning verses of poetry and crafting melodies in her spare moments. And let’s not forget her love for the outdoors, where she embarks on morning rides with her trusty road bike, all in pursuit of the perfect latte. “I would consider myself to be quite an artistic person, and in my spare time I dabble in songwriting and poetry. I also enjoy spending my mornings outside on my road bike, scouting out new coffee shops for my daily latte”.

But why, amongst such a busy life, does Harriet choose to volunteer with St John Ambulance? For her, it’s more than just a hobby, it’s a deeply ingrained calling. Volunteering since her early years, she finds that St John is not just an avenue to improve her skills, but a platform for meaningful change. Every moment spent in service isn’t a sacrifice of time; it’s an investment in growth and impact. Through St John, Harriet doesn’t just administer aid; she becomes hope and reassurance to those in need, leaving a mark on their lives. “Volunteering with St John comes to me really easily as a result; It does not feel so much like a sacrifice of my time as it does an opportunity for me to grow and make a tangible change in the lives of those around me”.

In her time with St John, Harriet has not only sharpened her skills but has also established bonds with fellow volunteers, each encounter reaffirming her values and life aspirations. For her, volunteering isn’t just about the act itself, it’s a testament to the power of humanity, a reminder that in giving, we receive immeasurable joy and fulfillment. “I truly believe that choosing to be a volunteer has been the best decision I have ever made and look forward to a long and exciting future with the organisation.”

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, let us extend our gratitude to Harriet Waymark and all the volunteers like her, whose selfless dedication illuminates the path towards a brighter, more compassionate world. Through their commitment, they remind us that the true essence of humanity lies in the act of service, in reaching out a hand to uplift and empower those around us.