First Aid Training – Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

St John Ambulance Australia (VIC) Inc (St John) complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) which protects the privacy of individuals by regulating the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. If you have any concerns about the information that St John retains in relation to you, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 1300 360 455.


To receive a full refund of course fees, cancellations must be made to the St John Call Centre at least 7 days prior to the course commencing. If you or the participant cancels the booking in less than 7 days of the course commencing you will not be entitled to a refund. St John reserves the right to cancel a course. If this occurs, you will be notified prior to the commencement of the course and given the opportunity to reschedule or obtain a full refund.


If you make a request to transfer to a different commencement date at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the booked course, the transfer will be free of charge. However, any subsequent transfers will incur a fee of $20.00. Once you have commenced a course, a transfer to another equivalent course is only permitted in limited circumstances. All transfers are subject to management discretion and course availability.


If you or the participant is unable to attend the course and notify St John in less than 7 days to the course commencement, you may choose to place your booking on standby if there are no suitable dates available. Once your booking is placed in standby you are required to call St John within 6 months to reschedule your course to another date. If you fail to contact St John within 6 months you will forfeit the full course fee paid. When you have rescheduled your course to another date the St John Terms and Conditions will apply. If you choose to place your booking in standby, there will be no refund offered.


If you or the participant is unable to attend a course for any reason, or had arrived late to the course, you are required to call and notify St John to reschedule your course. This request must be made no later than 24 hours from the start time of your original course booked. If you fail to contact St John you may forfeit the full course fee paid for the original course booked, and be charged the full course fee for any subsequent rebooking. There will be no refund offered as it is less than 7 days from the course commencement.


The training offered by St John provides skills and knowledge in first aid management but does NOT constitute a medical qualification. St John accepts no responsibility for the subsequent actions of participants.

Training of this nature involves moderate physical activity, including kneeling and bending. St John does not accept any responsibility for any harm suffered by you as a result of your participation in the sessions. If you have any special needs (including those in relation to language, literacy or numeracy), a relevant disability or condition, or any other concerns, you should raise these at the time of booking. St John reserves the right to end your involvement in a course if you fail to follow the directions, policies or procedures communicated to you by the trainer.

For you to gain your accreditation, you must fulfil both of the following criteria:

  1. You must attend all sessions and complete all assessments to a standard deemed to be competent by your trainer. The assessment is based on interactive involvement in all aspects of the course.
  2. You are required to complete a questionnaire for which you must achieve at least 80% accuracy.

If you fail to attend all sessions you will automatically be deemed ineligible to achieve your accreditation.

Recognition of Prior Learning

St John recognises accredited First Aid training by other Registered Training Organisations. Applications for recognition of prior learning should be made to the Training Development Manager for processing 14 days prior to the commencement of the booked course.

Grievance Process

You have the right to challenge any decision made during the training which affects you (including in relation to assessment). The grievance process is as follows:

  1. You should discuss your grievance with the trainer of your course.
  2. If this action fails to resolve the grievance or if you are not comfortable approaching your trainer, you should put your grievance in writing and send it to the Training Manager within 10 working days of completion of the booked course.
  3. If a satisfactory resolution is still not reached then you may send a written grievance to the CEO of St John.