Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have First Aid courses conducted at my workplace?

Yes. This is where St John comes to you. We will train anywhere, anytime at a venue of your choice. It is available for both small and large groups 365 days a year. For more information or to organise onsite training now, please contact our Business Development Team on 03 8588 8597 or email

What are the room requirements for St John to train onsite at my premise?

St John requires a minimum room size of 8m x 8m. Depending on the group size, the room size needs to allow for the practical scenarios within the course (e.g. lying on the floor with a person either side). The room must be carpeted as there is kneeling and lying on the floor, have a whiteboard, air conditioned and access to toilets.

Is there recognition of prior learning (RPL) for First Aid courses?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is available for courses where prerequisites are required. Proof of prerequisites need to be sent to St John Training Manager for verification prior to booking into the course.

Can I enrol in the St John Occupational First Aid course if I have completed my Apply First Aid certificate prerequisite with another provider?

Yes, provided that the certificate was issued in the last three years and has been sent to St John Training Manger for verification.

I have always had a First Aid certificate – until 5 years ago. Do I have to do the whole course again?

Yes, First Aid skills and knowledge change over time. Therefore it is important that you complete a current course.

I got my Apply First Aid almost a year ago and I was told that I should do a resuscitation course each year for the next few years, is this true?

It is not a legal requirement to complete a resuscitation course each year. However, the Australian Resuscitation Council ( recommends a refresher course is done every year to ensure that a First Aider is able to perform CPR effectively.

If I do a course with St John in one State/Territory, can I do a refresher in another State/Territory?


Can I still do a First Aid course if I have special needs?

Yes. To assist us to support you please inform the person who is processing your booking of your special needs.

Is there a different way I can do the assessment if I have trouble reading?

Most of the assessments in a St John First Aid course are competency based i.e. practical demonstrations. The questionnaire component may be done with the assistance of the trainer.

What if I can’t get onto the floor due to a knee or back injury?

If your condition is of an acute nature, or as a result of a recent injury, it is recommended to re-book and complete the course when you have recovered. If it is a permanent stable condition the trainer will assist you to find a method, where possible, to allow you to participate in the class.

If participating in an Occupational First Aid or an Advanced Resuscitation course are there any other activities involved?

Yes, the courses will involve lifting and moving of oxygen cylinders, associated delivery equipment and defibrillation components.

What sort of clothes should I wear when I attend a training session?

Comfortable casual clothing is recommended. You need to be aware of the activities required in participation in the courses such as bending, kneeling and lying on the floor and the cultural diversity of the participants who attend our courses.

What do I need to bring to the course I have booked?

You will need to bring your enrolment confirmation form and a note pad and pen for note taking.

Is parking available at your venues?

We have many venues across Victoria. Please check at the time of booking what parking arrangements are available.

What if I don’t achieve competency in the course?

The trainer will discuss the outcome with you and what options are available for you to gain competency.

What If I am late for the course?

Participants are advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to the course commencement time. If you arrive after the course commencement time you may not be able to complete the course and will need to contact your company representative who organised the training to re-book or contact your St John representative.