First Aid Fridays

According to recent research 87% of workplaces ARE NOT First Aid READY.

St John has created the concept of First Aid Fridays to encourage businesses to act and become First Aid READY.

First Aid Fridays is a concept that all workplaces can adopt regardless of their size or risk level.

On the first Friday of every month your workplace dedicates time to focus on one of your First Aid responsibilities to the workforce, customers and visitors.

Within a year you will have focused on 12 separate First Aid topics, each identifying a First Aid emergency that may occur in the workplace and providing a solution of how to minimise or overcome the risk if or when it occurs.

Take our test now and see how READY you are.

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St John provides comprehensive First Aid drills including site-specific scenarios run by your team or ours to ensure your workplace risks are minimised.

First Aid Drills

"FIRST AID FRIDAYS" is a trade mark of St John Ambulance Australia (Vic) Inc, registration pending.