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Welcome to St John e-Learning.

Our aim is to create a variety of convenient ways to deliver essential First Aid training in order to achieve our aim of having at least one person, educated, equipped and prepared to provide First Aid in every home, workplace and gathering.

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Benefits of the St John e-Learning courses include:


Online learning at the learners own premises (home or workplace).


To a wider group of participants, perfect for companies with a large work force.


Delivers First Aid skills and education programs to more staff to minimise risk.

Strategic Client

St John views your business as a long-term strategic partner with mutual goals.

Available e-Learning courses:

  • Introduction to First Aid

    The St John Introduction to First Aid online course provides participants with basic First Aid knowledge to manage common injuries in the workplace that may affect staff, visitors, customers or community groups.

  • Defibrillation Awareness

    The St John Defibrillation Awareness online course will provide participants with basic knowledge and understanding to enable use of a defibrillator in an emergency situation when required.

  • Workplace Infection Control

    The St John Introduction to Workplace Infection Control online course provides basic knowledge and understanding of the importance of good hygiene practices to reduce of the spread of infection in the workplace.

  • Manual Handling Awareness

    The St John Manual Handling course is an online course that provides participants with the principles of manual handling.

  • Sharps and Splash Injury management

    The St John sharps and splash injury management course is an online course that provides learners with the skills and knowledge they need to safely and effectively manage a sharps and/or splash incident.

  • First Aid for Retail

    The St John First Aid for Retail course is an online course that provides information about common first aid situations in a retail environment and how to manage them.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    The First Aid Awareness for Mental Health course is an online course that provides participants with the principles of crisis intervention. Perfect for office and retail workers, tradespeople, and community groups.

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