First Aid Room Equipment

St John is everything First Aid: First Aid training, First Aid kits, First Aid services at your next event and especially First Aid room equipment.

  • Day Bed

    Day Bed

    Used to provide seating or area for casualty to lie down for treatment. Mattress, blankets and pillows are sold separately.
    *colour may vary

  • Examination Couch

    Examination Couch

    Water-proof surface, an alternative option for a bed. Stepping stool recommended.

  • Oxi-SOK / Resus Kit

    Regulator with variable oxygen flow rate of 8 or 15 l/min. Featuring an oxygen flush button to provide an instantaneous rush of oxygen. Includes therapy masks and pocket mask.

  • The Bag 2 (Disposable Resus Bag)

    A hand-held device used to provide oxygen to a casualty who is not breathing.

  • Wheelchair

    Folding wheelchair for easy storage. Used to move casualties when a better alternative is unavailable, or in areas where a user's standard chair is unavailable.

  • Privacy Screen

    Moveable screen used to partition off a space and provide privacy. 3-fold design for easy storage.

  • Stretcher

    Dual fold design for easy storage. Used to carry casualties from one place to another if a wheelchair or similar is not appropriate.

  • Trolley

    A moveable stainless steel work bench or dressing trolley providing storage and convenient access to First Aid equipment.