Mobile CPRLab*

We bring CPR
training to you

The St John Mobile CPR Learning Lab is the latest community focused lifesaving initiative of St John Ambulance to build resilience by training more people in life-saving CPR.

CPRLAB will travel around the state teaching Victorians life-saving CPR in just 10 minutes.


Call us (8:30AM - 5PM Monday to Friday) (03) 8588 8800 or enquire today 

How it works

In just 10 minutes*, St John will
teach you compression-only CPR
in our Mobile CPR Learning Lab.

This state-of-art Mobile Learning Lab features a high-tech, fast-paced learning experience to quickly upskill our community to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to respond in an emergency with CPR.



which is why we’ve committed to train 10,000
people at public events with our CPRLAB.


* NOTE: CPRLAB requires 10m x 10m (or at least 3 car park spaces) to set up with a vertical height clearance of 3.1m. *We know that 10 minutes is no substitute for longer fully-accredited courses, but our session will provide participants with enough knowledge, skills and confidence to provide CPR in an emergency. And in any medical emergency, an attempt to save a life is always better than no attempt at all.


Help more people learn the life-saving skill of CPR in 10 minutes. Donate today.