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You can choose to give St John a gift in your Will.

Giving a gift in your Will to St John Ambulance Victoria is a wonderful way to play your part in making this state a safer place. Your final gift will make a difference for generations to come.

If you considering leaving St John a gift in your Will, we thank you most sincerely. Of course, we expect that your loved ones come first, but after that, if you can leave even a small gift for St John, we will be tremendously grateful.

What a gift will do

What a gift will do

With a gift in your Will or bequest you will be helping us continue to provide care for all Victorians through our First Aid Services and Community Programs.

For generations, St John volunteers have been providing First Aid during emergencies such as bushfires and at public events large and small. This is work that must go on in the future but as a not-for-profit organisation our resources are always over stretched.

How to make a bequest

How to make a
bequest to St John

You can make a gift in your Will in several ways. Provided below are some the most common forms of bequests.

Share of your estate

Also known as a residuary gift: The residue of your estate is what remains of the estate once all your loved ones and charges have been paid. A residuary gift could be a percentage or the whole of the residue of your estate.

Fixed sum of money

Also known as a pecuniary gift: This is where you leave an exact sum of money to us. Of course, the value of this will decrease over time with inflation.

A specific gift

You may wish to leave us a particular item (known as a specific bequest), which can be sold to support our work. It could be property or an item of value such as real estate, art or a piece of jewellery.

Suggested wording for your Will

Suggested wording
for your Will

Here’s an indication of the accepted form of words that can be used to leave a bequest to St John:

I give and bequeath the sum of $_____________ (or)
__________ % of my estate, (or) residue of my estate,
(or) property or assets as follows
and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or proper
Officer of St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria) shall be
sufficient discharge for my Trustees.

For your permanent legacy and for the benefit of all Victorians, please call us today:

Shannon Gilmore
Fundraising, Grants & Trusts Manager

St John Ambulance Australia (VIC)
170 Forster Road
Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Your bequest may be the most satisfying thing you ever do for the community.